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Your Conference Chair and Host:

Conference Chair:

Gabriela Ramos: UNESCO Assistant Director-General for the Social and Human Sciences

Conference Host:

Michael Nouri: International film, television and stage actor who serves as ambassador for Seeds of Peace and the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Virtual Conference Format

The conference will be delivered via livestream in three language options (English, French and Spanish) in nine parts with keynote speakers, discussion panels and special features.

Each part will be followed by a break: for your reflection, relaxation and enjoyment of inspirational musical and video interludes.

Part 1: Call for a UN Day for Global Peace Education

Why Campaign for a United Nations Peace Education Day?

The United Nations declared 2021 as the International Year for Peace and Trust. The United Nations has established more than 150 international days for different humanitarian themes. However, there is no day dedicated specifically to the theme of peace education.

Because peace education is central to the United Nations central mission, it certainly deserves a special day for public awareness – a day to promote practical efforts in peace education throughout the world, a day to empower educators for peace; a day to connect and celebrate with others in the peace education field.


Speakers Include

Anwarul Chowdhury

Former Undersecretary General, United Nations

Federico Mayor Zaragoza

Founder, Culture of Peace Foundation; Former Director General, UNESCO

Doudou Diene

Former Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance

Reiner Braun

Executive Director, International Peace Bureau

Garry Jacobs

President and CEO, World Academy of Arts and Sciences

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Followed by the seven 2022 Conference Themes

Part 2: A Culture of Peace

What skills and knowledge do we need to build a culture of peace on a healthy planet? Some leading voices offer examples.


Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D., Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science
Willow Baker, Program Director, Peace Education Program, TPRF

Special Features

“Peace Education for Living in Right Relationship in a Culture of Peace”, Dot Maver, PhD., National Peace Academy USA

“The Global Peace Mapping Project—A Showcase of Programs”, Tony Jenkins, Ph.D., Manager, International Institute of Peace Education, Global Campaign for Peace Education-Topic


Part 3: Nuclear Abolition

Nuclear weapons pervade our thinking. Control our behavior. Administer our societies. Inform our dreams. They bury themselves like meat hooks deep in the base of our brains. They are purveyors of madness.” writes activist Arundhati Roy. Global experts examine how peace education can help end the threat?


Kozue Akibayashi, Ph.D – Doshisha University
Kehkashan Basu – Founder, Green Hope Foundation
Fawzieh Al Ammar, Ph.D – Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, Yemen
Monica Willard – URI and International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation

Special Feature

Dr. Akibayashi interviews the Women of Okinawa



Part 4: Climate Emergency

The UN Secretary General warns that “we’re sleepwalking toward climate catastrophe.” How can education reverse this trend? Global activists showcase solutions.


Kehkashan Basu – Founder, Green Hope Foundation

Special Feature

Francisca Cortes Solari – Founder, Filantropia Solari



Part 5: Human Rights: Women and Refugees

How can peace education help honor the world’s four billion women? What skills must we learn to support more than a million people forced to flee their homes by conflict, climate change and persecution? Can peace education make us more human?


Guila Clara Kessous, PhD – UNESCO Peace Ambassador
Hardin Lang – Vice President for programs and policy, Refugees International
Celestine Assie – Protection Officer, UNHCR (Rohingya Refugees)

Special Video

L’elephant Enchaine



Part 6: Peacebuilding: Healing Violence

How do we heal the wounds of violence and prejudice across the globe? How can peace education transform our behavior? Leading experts share a frontline view.


Monica Willard – URI and International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation
Bakari Diaby – Founder, CADHA-Afrique
Bishop Horace Smith, M.D
Elvis Nukam Ndansi – Founder and President of Unite for Health Foundation




Part 7: Sustainable Development

How do peacebuilding skills merge with global economics to promote a culture of peace? Business and finance experts exchange authoritative views.


Ramu Damodaran – Former Chief of Academic Impact, United Nations
Stephane Monney-Mouandjo, PhD –African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development (CAFRAD)
Steve Killilea – Founder, Institute for Economics and Peace
Karim Errouaki, PhD – President Emeritus, American University in Europe



Part 8: Arts and Culture

The language of the arts flows through borders and transforms lives. How do arts and culture nurture peace skills? Our artists offer a creative exploration.


Alla Rogers – Artist & Curator
Richard Dana – Artist
Juanita Hardy – Founder, Tiger Management Consulting Group
Melvin Hardy – Chairman, Millennium Arts Salon
Lucian Perkins – Independent photographer, and filmmaker
Sara Tanguy – Curator

Special Features

Tucker Robbins, Principal, Tucker Robbins Studios

Gina Langdon, Founder, 80,000 Voices



Part 9: Peace Careers



Tezekiah Gabriel – Executive Director, Pathways to Peace
Tadhi Blackstone – Institute of Noetic Sciences
Chic Dambach – President Emeritus, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Robert Aarsse – Co-founder, Amnesty International-Paris


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