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Momentum is a people-powered, grassroots movement. Our local groups bring together like-minded people to organise and campaign around community issues and elections. Every group is unique and different, with their priorities shaped by local politics and members’ interests, but all Momentum members are welcome.

There are some 180 groups nationwide, so click below to find out where your nearest group is. And if there’s one missing in your local area, why not be involved with setting one up – please contact groups@peoplesmomentum.com to find out more.

Upcoming Events & Campaigns

The World Transformed

TWT launched in 2016 and has run two large festivals in parallel to the Labour Party Conference.

Activist Training

After training thousands of activists in persuasion style canvassing during the 2017 election, Momentum has launched a national training network.

Democracy Review

Labour Party members have successfully pushed for a Labour Party Democracy Review which will be conducted in 2018.



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Skills networks

We have digital, creative and communications networks for people with specific skills to come together and build capacity from the grassroots up.

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