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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join Momentum?


Anyone is eligible to become a Momentum member, provided they meet the following criteria

  • Aged 14 or over;
  • Is a member of the Labour Party and no other political party, nor an organisation disallowed by the National Coordination Group;
  • Agrees to be bound by the rules of Momentum, including its code of ethics.


What does membership allow me to do?

Being a Momentum member allows you to:

  • Attend local group organisational meetings as well as public meetings;
  • Vote in local group meetings;
  • Stand for key positions in local groups;
  • Vote in national-level elections;
  • Participate in online consultations.
What can I do to check the status of my membership?


Simply email membership@peoplesmomentum.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible


How do I find out my membership number?

Simply email membership@peoplesmomentum.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible

How can I can find my local Momentum group?

Check the Momentum groups map to see if there are any groups local to you.

If there aren’t, you can find out more about setting one up in your local area.

What do I do if there is no local Momentum group near me?

If there isn’t a group near you, and you would like to set one up, email us at groups@peoplesmomentum.com to request a group set-up. We will then advise you of the viability of a group in your area and send you information regarding the set-up procedure and best practice.

How do I notify Momentum’s national office about a change to who has roles within local Momentum groups?

Just email groups@peoplesmomentum.com with the full name, contact number and email address of the person/people taking up the new positions.

What are Momentum’s organisational structures?

See the section on Democratic Structures for more information

How do I make an enquiry?

General enquiries should be directed to info@peoplesmomentum.com or Momentum at:


95-96 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7RA

How do I make a complaint?

Complaints can be sent via email or post and should be marked with the subject heading ‘Complaint’.

Complaints can be sent to the following address:


95-96 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7RA

Or emailed to complaints@peoplesmomentum.com.

Momentum has a formal complaints procedure – a copy of which will be sent to those who submit formal complaints. You should receive an acknowledgment within 5 working days; if you do not, please resend your complaint.

Please note that while Momentum will make every effort to respond to all complaints, if you do not send your complaint in the specified format, this may cause delay.

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